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Live the adventure: Currently a Tier III IT networking systems manager managing 40+ personnel for a DoD facility (civilian) and attached to the 323rd Military Intelligence Battalion, Ft. Meade, MD. My career started when I joined the USN after college in 1981. Went to the USS Portsmouth (SSN-707) for a long tour during the cold war with two major deployments totalling 1 year. Left the USN after just under 7 years and went USNR for another 10 1/2 where I was assigned USS Exploit (MSO-440) during the 1st gulf war and was assigned as a USN/USCG/Friendly Foreign Navy ship inspector stationed in Cuba at GITMO. Left NAVY SPECIAL WARFARE (Expeditionary) MIUW-202 in 1999 at about 18 years service to go US Army Reserve as an MP platoon leader for the 325th MI BN of the 94th RRC. After 9/11 and several unit activations, I deployed to the 2003 invasion of Iraq as a GS-15/COL civilian staff to Gen. Jay Garner/Paul Bremer living in Saddam's Ramadan palace until Aug 03 where I returned to the FBI in DC as an analyst. Six months later I was activated out of the IRR to return to Tikrit for another full year where I was MEDEVAC'd and survived an IED attack in Tikrit (Nov 2004). Upon returning stateside, I left the FBI to consult to the DoD as a systems interoperability inspector at JITC command, Indian Head. I now work for the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon and enjoy sailing w/my kids, 2 of 3 who are now full grown. When not at full time work, I am a platoon leader for a military intelligence platoon (CI Agent) in a military intelligence Batallion. Yes, we're actually allowed to say that. We're agents, not 'secret' agents... still cool, though!


2007-08 Cheerleading

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Interesting Houses I'd like to build

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2000-2005 Family Home. Worcester, MA

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Life & Times at the Lake House

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2007 (May) Andrews AFB Air Show

It's like an aura that follows me... My day at the air show end with m ...

Updated: Jun 07, 2007 9:40am PST

2003 Iraq Invasion-Staging in Kuwait

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2006 Italy Mission-Daytrip to Austria

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2006 Italy Mission-Daytrip to Asiago Cheese Factory

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2006 Italy Mission-Venice Trip

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2006 Italy Mission-Verona Trips

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2006 Italy Mission-Longare & Vicenza Barracks

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My Family & Friends

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Misc. Topic Unique War Pics

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115th MP BN Maryland National Guard Pics

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Photos of Civilian Life & Interests

I like to call this 'Toys over the ages'

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2003 Iraq Invasion

In March of 2003 I received a phone call requesting I volunteer to go ...

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2003 (April) Iraq-Life Inside Saddam's Ramadan Palace

In March of 2003 I received a phone call requesting I volunteer to go ...

Updated: May 25, 2007 10:00am PST

2004 Iraq War (Round 2)

One Friday afternoon I was in FBI HQ, DC when I got another phone call ...

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2011 Andrews AFB Air Show

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2002 Reinberg 50th Wedding Anniversary

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2009-November. Shiara's Birthday Party

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Jaime Reinberg's Wedding

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2011-July 4th. Washington DC

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June 2011-Piney Orchard Pool

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2010-July. Tess & Shiara Boston Summer Vacation

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2010-June 5. Cobb Island Days. Cobb Island, MD

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2010-June 7. Tess' High School Graduation

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2010-June 17. Shiara's Graduation Pool Party

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2011-Odenton, MD

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2011 36th-MI-Ball

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2007 Florida Cruise Vacation

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2001 Easter

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worcester friends

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Christmas 2004

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fort drum visit

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Tess' 19th Birthday

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2011 Christmas at the White House

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2012-Tess' Recital 03DEC

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01JUNE2013-Becca Conner's Birthday

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2001-Worcester with Grandparents

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2002 Sturbridge Village

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Worcester Home (2000-2005)

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1982 Wedding

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2004 April FOB Speicher Iraq Security Patrol

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Career Documents

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2014 Family Thanksgiving North Carolina

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Karin and Dana-Life and Times

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2008 Shiara Cheerleading

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